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Princess Planning WW Planner 

*This is not a sponsored post, I haven’t been asked/paid to do this* 

So around 3 months ago I swapped to Weight Watchers (WW) as I had lost hope with SW and I wasn’t getting anywhere, and honestly it’s been a breath of fresh air for me! It’s kickstarted my diet again and I am back on track and doing better than I have before!

I came across Princess Planning on instagram and I fell in love with the Filofax type Diet Tracker and knew as soon as I saw it I had to have one 

      The lovely Black Filofax Style Planner 

I fell in love as soon as I saw it and I knew I had to get my hands on one! I quickly popped an order in on Sunday Night and by magic it arrived Tuesday Morning. 

You can buy 8 week inserts to pop in this planner and they range from SW/WW to Calorie Counting. Perfect for anyone want to keep a track on their diet. 

You can choose a wide range of covers that can be personalised so there is something that will suit everyone’s needs. 

   A view of some of the pages in my planner 

There are lots of helpful pages that come with the diaries and they include: 

  • Weigh in page 
  • Measurements 
  • Weekly food planner 
  • Shopping list 
  • Goal and Motivation page 
  • Daily Food Dairy inc goodies Water and exercise 

Lots of helpful pages to keep you on track and if you purchase the planner it also comes with some lovely memo pages which you can use to track recipes or doing longer lists for shopping, I am keeping my tracker with me as it fits in my bag so I am also using it to jot down notes and other bits when out and about! 

Over at Princess Planning the lovely Charlotte has a wide range of accessories that can keep you in track whilst on a diet! I’ve picked a few of my favourites below! 

             Handy magnet fridge planner 

   Lovely weekly meal planner for the family 

I can’t wait to see what other goodies are coming to Princess Planning in the near future! Rumour has it there’s some stickers on the horizon… everyone loves a good sticker 

Please go check out this lovely website and share the Princess Planning love!

Amy xo

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*Review* The Little Cookie Dough Co. 

Just want to make everyone aware I was not asked to do this or given any free products! 

So when I came across this company on instagram I was sold with the fact I could purchase delicious cookies ready to bake at home for 4 syns and they have tasty toppings as well… they were a must purchase and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive! 

Box of the cookies when the arrived 

So I picked a selection of cookies and toppings which ranged from gingerbread cookies, chocolate and mint aero, lemon and whites chocolate and my absolute favourite vanilla and Oreos… dream combo! 

I couldn’t wait to bake the cookies when I got home, I baked 4 different ones and I have to say there are AMAZING! For 4 syns, and a tasty little treat when you are craving sugar they really do hit the spot! I was that excited I baked the rest the next day! 

The amazing baked cookies

Honestly you need to go over to the instagram page and make sure you order some of these cookies! The customer service is second to none as well, fantastic customer service and couldn’t be more helpful when picking flavours and toppings. I honestly will be ordering more this evening as I can’t get enough of these cookies! 

As I’ve said you really need to try these cookies, please head over to @thelittlecookiedoughco instagram page and have a look at the amazing selection of flavours and toppings 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, I know it isn’t much, but I just wanted to share my joy over finding slimming cookies! 

Amy xo

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Mondays Rambles!

Well I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to this recently but I’m back! I want to take the time to make sure I update my blog every week at least three times a week! 

Not a lot has changed I have been in my new role for 3 months and I love love LOVE my new job.  It’s a little like my old job however it’s completely different in the same sentence. I can’t believe I have finally found a job that I am excited and happy to go to in the morning even if it means I’m stuck in traffic! 

In other news I’m spending more time on ME! I had a fabulous holiday away with my boyfriend and I can’t wait to go away with him again. He literally makes me the happiest person and I can’t wait to see him again this weekend.

Sometimes things work out… sometimes things don’t but right now I’m happy, and happy is where I want to be! 

I’m going to pop a review on now and I can’t wait to tell you about some amazing cookies I have had this week! 

Amy xo 

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What can I say… these last couple of weeks event have been devastating, the world is cruel and we shouldn’t have to live in this world of hate and destruction. 

I love London. I visit often each year and I always feel safe. This will not stop me from visiting as we need to stand strong and fight together. 

I hope everyone in London stays safe, and my love goes out to everyone 

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Skinny Bakery Delivery 

I am so excited! 

I have been pondering over ordering The Skinny Bakery products for a while but I finally did it last week and it feels like it took forever for them to get here! 

I ordered one of everything as I’ve not tried them before and I have to say first impressions… they look delicious! 

They came packed in the box with cool patches inside to keep them cool! The cakes need to be refrigerated or you can freeze them for up to 6 months! Perfect for those little treat days! 

I unpacked mine straight away and wanted to get tucked in! However I controlled myself and I have popped the Syn Values on all of the packets so I know what I am eating!

The most Syns in the pack is 10.5 Syns… which I can live with for cake! Haha all jokes aside that’s brilliant for some bitesize cake, and if I’m honest I would probably be sharing a pack with someone or only having half a pack! At just over 1.5 Syns per Gingerbread Man I can’t wait to get stuck in! 

I have worked on the 20cals = 1syn principle so they may not be 100% accurate on Syn values but good enough for me! 

I am looking forward to reviewing these products and I know I’m going to fall in love ❤️ 

Amy xo 

P.S all views are my own… I haven’t been paid or asked to do this! 

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I’m still here…

Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve been a bit MIA at the moment… I’ve finished a job, started a job, struggled with some of my own personal problems but I am here… 

So yes I just wanted to say Hello to my Blog again… I’m going on a day out tomorrow so hopefully going  blog about that! I have also got lots stored up in my phone that I was to get out and share with you!

So enjoy the rest of your Easter! Enjoy your chocolate!

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*Review* JD seasonings 

First things first… I want to clarify I have not been paid for this and in no way have I been asked to do it, this is something. I want to share as I think JD Seasonings are fabulous! 

So where do I start! I came across JD Seasonings on Instagram a couple of months ago and decided to purchase one of thier kits! 

The reason they appealed to me were, they looked good, they have a huge variety of rubs and meal kits, they have no sugar and finally they are all Slimming World Friendly! Hooray! 

So I started my journey by purchasing the ‘Best Sellers’ collection for £29.99 and here it is 

                   Photo from the Website

And here’s what is in the box: 

2 x Taco

2 X Bolognese

2 X Amtriciana

2 X Chilli con carne

2 X Burger mix

2 X Chips & wedges

2 X Cajun

2 X Rogan Josh

2 X Fajita

2 X Jalfrezi

2 X Steak rub

2 X Tikka masala

Now I haven’t tried them all yet… but the ones I have tried are so tasty and so quick and easy! 

They all come with instructions on what you need for the recipe and how to prepare your meal, plus I’ve even popped the Tikka and the Mild Curry in my slow cooker on a Sunday and they have been beautiful! Hints and tips scan be found on the website also plus in my order I recieved a couple of recipe cards also. 

They also help eliminate having to buy 1000’s of different herbs and spices like I first did to make easy recipes when I joined Slimming World, plus I’ve seen many other people do this as well. 

They service from the company is also fantastic! Next day delivery if you order before 2pm is brilliant, I can’t fault them as mine arrived the day after I ordered and I placed my order at 13:58pm.

Prices start at £1.45 for individual pots and I would highly recommend people purchase some if they are looking for quick and easy meal ideas! Plus SW Friendly! Please find a link to the website below. 

JD Seasonings
I would love to hear feedback from others about what their favourite Seasonings are from JD Seasonings and I will look into reviewing a product next week for you!

Bye for now 

Amy xo