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*Review* The Little Cookie Dough Co. 

Just want to make everyone aware I was not asked to do this or given any free products! 

So when I came across this company on instagram I was sold with the fact I could purchase delicious cookies ready to bake at home for 4 syns and they have tasty toppings as well… they were a must purchase and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive! 

Box of the cookies when the arrived 

So I picked a selection of cookies and toppings which ranged from gingerbread cookies, chocolate and mint aero, lemon and whites chocolate and my absolute favourite vanilla and Oreos… dream combo! 

I couldn’t wait to bake the cookies when I got home, I baked 4 different ones and I have to say there are AMAZING! For 4 syns, and a tasty little treat when you are craving sugar they really do hit the spot! I was that excited I baked the rest the next day! 

The amazing baked cookies

Honestly you need to go over to the instagram page and make sure you order some of these cookies! The customer service is second to none as well, fantastic customer service and couldn’t be more helpful when picking flavours and toppings. I honestly will be ordering more this evening as I can’t get enough of these cookies! 

As I’ve said you really need to try these cookies, please head over to @thelittlecookiedoughco instagram page and have a look at the amazing selection of flavours and toppings 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, I know it isn’t much, but I just wanted to share my joy over finding slimming cookies! 

Amy xo


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