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*Review* JD seasonings 

First things first… I want to clarify I have not been paid for this and in no way have I been asked to do it, this is something. I want to share as I think JD Seasonings are fabulous! 

So where do I start! I came across JD Seasonings on Instagram a couple of months ago and decided to purchase one of thier kits! 

The reason they appealed to me were, they looked good, they have a huge variety of rubs and meal kits, they have no sugar and finally they are all Slimming World Friendly! Hooray! 

So I started my journey by purchasing the ‘Best Sellers’ collection for £29.99 and here it is 

                   Photo from the Website

And here’s what is in the box: 

2 x Taco

2 X Bolognese

2 X Amtriciana

2 X Chilli con carne

2 X Burger mix

2 X Chips & wedges

2 X Cajun

2 X Rogan Josh

2 X Fajita

2 X Jalfrezi

2 X Steak rub

2 X Tikka masala

Now I haven’t tried them all yet… but the ones I have tried are so tasty and so quick and easy! 

They all come with instructions on what you need for the recipe and how to prepare your meal, plus I’ve even popped the Tikka and the Mild Curry in my slow cooker on a Sunday and they have been beautiful! Hints and tips scan be found on the website also plus in my order I recieved a couple of recipe cards also. 

They also help eliminate having to buy 1000’s of different herbs and spices like I first did to make easy recipes when I joined Slimming World, plus I’ve seen many other people do this as well. 

They service from the company is also fantastic! Next day delivery if you order before 2pm is brilliant, I can’t fault them as mine arrived the day after I ordered and I placed my order at 13:58pm.

Prices start at £1.45 for individual pots and I would highly recommend people purchase some if they are looking for quick and easy meal ideas! Plus SW Friendly! Please find a link to the website below. 

JD Seasonings
I would love to hear feedback from others about what their favourite Seasonings are from JD Seasonings and I will look into reviewing a product next week for you!

Bye for now 

Amy xo 


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