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My Slimming World Journey

So I thought I would take you through my journey so far… this isn’t my first time on Slimming World but it’s my first time I’ve really got my head in gear and I am doing what I should have been doing 2 years ago! 

Back in 2009 I went to uni… and I wasn’t a size 8 when I went I was a 12, but buy the time I was getting ready to leave I was now a 16 and I was just blind to seeing what I had gained! 

            (From 1st year to nearly final year)

I first joined SW back in 2011/12 I believe and I did ok… but I’ve never really been 120% focused, eating the right amount of speed, recording Syns properly and being honest. 
I was in denial and wanted to blame my weight on anyone else but me… but I needed to take ownership of the fact I needed to be focused and get my head in gear! 

I wanted to be slim for my Graduation, that came and went and I’d lost about 3lbs! I then took my career into HR and started my CIPD… I got my second graduation date…. I’m definitely going to be slim this time I said to myself… and you’ve guessed it… I wasn’t! 


So this really brings us to present day… January 2017 at tipping the scales at my heaviest of 14st 5lb I needed to take control! 

I went back to SW, joined group faced the weigh in and planned for and meals with in an inch of my life, I made sure I had all the speed food! I varied lunches and Dinners, I prepped for the week on a Sunday (I will do a speperate post on this) and I got my head in gear! 

1st week I lost 5.5lbs and second week I got my half stone award! I was buzzing! My head was in it! I knew why I was doing and I was bloody proud!

And now here we are 7 weeks into SW and my motivation is still there! I feel great! I’ve had compliments and I can’t wait to achieve more of my goals! This week I received my next award and I was so happy to get it! 

I have never been so determined to prove to myself I can do it! I want that shiny sticker saying target member! Plus I also want to do it for me, I can’t wait to go into a shop and reach for those 12’s maybe even 10’s when buying something! 

I document all my food on my instagram so please give me a follow! And I am happy to answer any questions you may have! 

I hope you follow me on my journey and if you have any tips for me as well please pass them on! 

Speak soon! 

Amy xo


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