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London Baby London! 

So this Friday I’m going to London for part of my Boyfriends Christmas present which is Jack Whitehall @ The O2 

I’m pretty excited as I was booked to go see him a couple of years ago but I was poorly at the time so couldn’t go! So this is going to be enjoyed 

I have been looking at things to do as we have been to London both of us many times but I want to do something different!

We will be visiting The Shard on Saturday Morning, which this is my favourite place! I love it there… there’s so much to look at and it’s just so peaceful, my boyfriend does photography and I just hope he enjoys it!

Has anyone got any suggestions on what to do? I want to try and find some new cocktail bars to try! Plus the Cereal Killer cafe looks amazing! 

Anyway… I’m heading off to the land of nod for now! It’s been a tiring day! Plus I don’t want you all to be bored of me 2 days into my blog! 

Sleep tight everyone 

Amy xo


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