Fresh Start in 2017

Good Evening!

Today has been one of those days, I didn’t sleep very well last night, as I knew this morning i was going to hand my notice in at work, and I was in two minds as to whether to do it in the first place as I really do care for the people I work with… however I cant get too attached to them I have to think of Me!

I love the company I currently work for, however in terms of progression, I am a little trapped and this is what started my job hunt!

It’s all been a little manic really as I was only contacted about a new role last Wednesday (15th) and I spoke to a lovely lady at an agency and was delighted as this role sounded just up my street. Thursday (16th) I woke up to an email asking me to an interview, I was delighted…. and then they said could I come on Friday, the panic really started to sink in then.

Any way fast forward 24 hours, it’s Friday, I have just completed my interview and I will be honest… I felt FABULOUS! The company was amazing, the people so friendly, and I knew that they would help me in the next steps in my career as a HR Professional.

I sat in my car took some deep breaths, I had done my best, now time to go home and relax for the weekend. I was just over half way home when I received a call from the agency… they wanted me! I couldn’t believe it, I was over the bloody moon! Little old me had gone out there and smashed the interview out of the park!

I actually spend my Saturday in bed ill.. so that was a bit disappointing, but then come Sunday I knew I had to write that resignation letter! My stomach was churning all day, I have the best friends at work, and now I am not going to see them everyday… do I really want to leave them?

After a few tears to my Mum and many a frantic text to my boyfriend, I put my big girl pants on and did it! I wrote my resignation and here we are… 6:50pm on Monday 20th Feb… and I have m last 4 weeks ahead of me!

I am so excited about the opportunity ahead of me, but also very anxious at the moment, this is why I decided partly now was the right time for a blog. I can express my feelings without keeping them bottled up… as I do this a lot… then just end up crying.

I will do a separate article on my new role… but for now I am happy to share my wonderful news!

Thanks for listening to me rattle on! I’ve got to dash… I’m starving! (SW Chicken Tikka if anyone’s interested…follow my Instagram)

Bye for now,



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